13–Kelley Armstrong

Holy. Mother. Of. Sanity.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotion, adventure, and worry.

You know when you reach the end of a series and you just know, you just know that the author is going to eviscerate all your loved ones? How could they ALL survive what’s going to happen? They can’t. They just simply can’t.

Everyone has already lost so, so much, and then this book comes along and it’s the end of the series. (Although Kelley has promised that she’s not done writing their adventures in short story compilations, graphic novels, or novellas.)

This book was by far the most brilliantly written of the lot. She tied everything and everyone together so wonderfully at the end that I felt like crying just from how great that was to see in writing.

Everyone is back, and the way she wrote out the chapters was exactly what I needed. She made sure you got to see everybody, say your goodbyes, see them at their best and their worst, and just all around action packed like they have never been before.

This was the most well formed “Goodbye” I’ve ever read of a series.

(Okay, it’s tied with Harry Potter, but you get what I’m saying.)

You not only get to hear from your favourite characters, but you get to hear from Kelley herself as she writes us a foreword and a final note. It was beautiful. Just beautiful.

So great, I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Constant vigilance.


Personal Demon–Kelley Armstrong

Hope Adams is a chaos half-demon.

She loves a good thrill, loves a good fight, and loves it when chaos vibes roll through her whenever hunky suave Karl Marsten, werewolf, is around.

I understand that I can make these book sounds incredibly insane and cheesy, but you don’t have to trust my writing, you have to trust Kelley Armstrongs.

Here is another example of exemplary writing and story telling.

We’ve met Hope before, we know what she’s like, and now we are getting a great adventure involving my favourite Cabal leader, Benecio ‘Kill You With A Thunder Bolt” Cortez, a gang of supernaturals looking to take down the Cabals, and the ever angry: Karl Marsten. With Hope at the forefront and trying to get a hold of her powers as they grow and sometimes debilitate her, we end up with a really fun book.

Great plot, great ending, just great, great, great.

Plus Hope continually puts Karl in his place whenever he gets out of line and I love that she’s always ribbing him.

Constant vigilance.


Dime Store Magic–Kelley Armstrong

While I love Clayton Danvers (the hunky blond Southern werewolf who dislikes humans) I have a major crush on Lucas Cortez’s mind.

He’s described as “average” looking, but that guy can talk textbook to me anytime.

This book is about Paige Winterbourne, a short, curvy, twenty-three year old witch who is trying to fulfill her mothers dying wish of taking care of twelve year old Savannah Levine, an orphaned (after the last book, Stolen) teenage witch with more power than should be normal at her age.

Paige is fighting a custody battle from a previous captured supernatural, or so it would seem. In truth Paige is fighting a Cabal leader for custody of his only daughter that he hasn’t ever met.

Thrills up the wazoo, fun writing, and just all around great way to introduce the characters that have been woven in and out of the previous books with the weres.


The Summoning–Kelley Armstrong

Told you I’d be back! And with a fiery vengeance! Kelley Armstrong is nailing it with this teen series about supernaturals who are in a group home for kids with mental problems.

    Chloe was just an average girl who once hit puberty hit it hard. After her first period the poor girl starts seeing ghosts all over the place and loses it at school. She was never the kind of kid who started fights or really was noticed at all. Until her life changes and she is sent to Lyle House where she can get the help she needs. It’s a group home for kids with social disorders and mental problems. But from what she can see of the residents there, they all seem pretty normal. Sure, one guy is a giant with a serious problem in being nice, and a girl there who thinks she is the queen bee thinks Chloe has it out for her from day one.

    But the rest? Nice, normal kids.

That is until they start believing that Chloe can really see the ghosts and she isn’t a schizophrenic like she’s been diagnosed. She learns that they all are nice kids, but they are definitely not normal.

        Now, we all know how much I adore supernatural books. I’m a huuuuge fantasy nerd. And these books, although aimed at teenagers, are now near and dear to my heart. The writing is, as always with Kelley Armstrong, fantastic. The plot is bananas and it makes me feel seventeen again.

    The Summoning is just the beginning in the trilogy and they just keep getting better and better. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happens in The Awakening.

Love it! 🙂

Summer Reading Startup

I promise I won’t be losing a nut over Jude Deveraux’s books for the top of my summer reading list this whole time. I’ll get it out of the way now and say that she definitely has a bunch that are great for reading on the beach, then again, what love story isn’t great for reading on the beach?

        Some of her books are called “Pocketbooks” which really does make it easier to travel with them…and even though it would kill me, they aren’t the kind of books that other people would feel bad about leaving behind on a trip to save room for souvenirs.

That being said here are some of my favourite summer books :

            1)Pride and Prejudice (everyone needs a little romance in the summer.)

            2)The Sookie Stackhouse series (Easy reads and funny, light to carry around, but you wouldn’t want to ditch them on trips because you’ll read them again and again. I think I’ve read this whole series twice now and plan another trip through it hopefully this summer!)

            3)Harry Potter is a must because the movies usually come out during the fall, so I spend some of my summer getting back into my favourite book series and preparing myself. This year though I think I’ll only be reading the last one before Part 2 comes out…but you never know, I am partial to tradition.

            4)The Host–Stephanie Meyers: Great story, great characters, hard decisions being made and a confusing mystery. Heavy book though, not easy to travel with, but worth it I think.

          5)Twilight. I’m sorry, I know I rag on Twilight now, but I’m mainly disappointed with the movies. Which somehow in turn made me look at the books and go “blech”, but I actually read the first couple twice in a row because I loved them so much. I’m a girl, what can I say?

        6)Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business—I carried this book around for weeks last summer, not because it was hard to read, but because Biographies are a great idea for the summer. Especially about people you know a bit about already, you aren’t losing the thread of the story or anything like that. Easy to keep track of.

       7)The Women of the Otherworld series–Big, but light books and too good to not read. I have a bunch of books by the same author on my shelf and I can’t waaait to get to them this summer!

   Alright. So I know that this is cheating because my summer list is a lot like all my other lists. All that you have to remember for the summer is take books on trips that you won’t feel bad about leaving behind (unless they are library books.) but that are still good reads. If you have no idea what you are looking for when it comes to that kind of book, let me know and I’ll try to be more specific for you!

           I think summer is the time to get back into supernatural books (not that I really stopped) and have stories full of love.

Oh and I hear that Nicholas Sparks has some real gems when it comes to summer reading. Take a look into him and Cecelia Ahern, Charlaine Harris’ other series, and throw in some Jude Deveraux and Kelley Armstrong and guaranteed a summer of good books and lots of love and fun.

The Women of the Otherworld–Kelley Armstrong

I was first introduced to this series by my brother who thinks it is endlessly amusing. I have to agree with him.

This series is written by a fellow Canadian, and she is among my favourite authors. Kelley Armstrong has written the Women of the Otherworld series, and it’s a delightful new take on the supernatural world.

The first book “Bitten” starts out following the only female werewolf, Elena Michaels, as she tries to deal with becoming a werewolf and trying to fit in with normal people. She’s even dating a regular guy, but often needs to sneak out in the middle of the night in the big city of Toronto, in order to go for a run as her werewolf self.

Thankfully, she is needed in the supernatural world where you discover that she has a serious attachment to a hunky blond werewolf named Clay, who is adamantly trying to get back together with her.

This is a refreshing new take on the supernatural scene, and I think I like following werewolves more than I like reading about certain vampires. The rest of the series is about Elenas friends who also happen to be supernatural beings. Keep going and you’ll find that there are witches, wizards, vampires, and more werewolf fun to be had.

I recommend this to any girl who wants to read about women who kick men’s asses and don’t give a rats ass about looking good while doing it. Regular women with amazing abilities.