Magonia–Maria Dahvana Headley

Semi-Spoilers Ahead:

I have started to receive OwlCrates at this point and this was my first book that I received from them!

If you aren’t aware of what an OwlCrate is, it’s a box of goodies based on the theme of the month and you receive a book that goes with the theme (or a book at started the theme.) and it’s always a YA novel.

I believe this theme was something about Other Worlds. I got a bunch of stuff in the box but mostly I remember this, a notebook, and some Alice in Wonderland fake tattoos.

So cute!

Anyway, while OwlCrate is basically a nerd girls dream (hello delivered books to your house with fun stuff in it? Yes please.) this book didn’t do it for me.

Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely interesting and unique. I even liked the writing, but I was kind of like “Eh, what?” throughout the whole book because I couldn’t exactly imagine what these bird creatures looked like.

The book starts out with Aza, who has a lung condition and can’t breathe, starting to hallucinate things in the sky. Only her friend Jason believes her, but everyone else thinks she’s losing it.

So, semi spoilers.

Turns out Aza is a creature from another planet disguised as a person in order to live. And she has powers (surprise surprise) which involve being able to sing things into existence. These creatures are bird-type things, so I guess that explains the singing, but I just didn’t feel a connection to this book.

I’m sure others will like it though because it was interesting for the most part. But I probably won’t continue on with the series.


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