The Awakening–Kelley Armstrong

          Chloe and her supernatural friends are on the run from the Edison Group, which is proving to be difficult due to the fact that she keep accidentally raising the dead when she thinks about it, and one of her friends is going through some serious changes that make him more difficult to deal with.

       This book is a continuation of the first one, all of these books happen within the time frame of about two or three weeks (which is nutty and amazing at the same time.) and the storyline just keeps getting better.

The kids have run away from the group home and the Edison Group that was running it and are trying to find Simon and Derek’s dad, Kit. He’s the only one who can help them and the only one that they fully trust to do it. Especially after everything with Aunt Lauren.

    It’s hard not to give away anything here because so much happens in the books and it’s a sequel so describing it gives away things from the last book…

       I absolutely loved this one as well. It was just as well written, kept up with the pace of the last one and it just felt like I was reading more of the first one. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed these books! I want more, more, more.

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