Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince–J.K. Rowling

I swear to God I blacked out the moment she told me one of my favourite characters died. I had to go back a few pages and read it again because it was too traumatizing for me to focus.

This book is the calm before the storm. Dumbledore is talking to Harry more about what they should be doing about Voldemort (about time, right?) and he’s even taking him on adventures in order to get certain things they will need to take him down. You get to have a look into Voldemorts past as Tom Riddle and find out he was a douche right from the start.

This one a few weird things happen, like oh, I don’t know, my literary boyfriend getting a girlfriend! Even Harry is harboring some unwanted/wanted feelings for a certain red head. And I’m not talking about Ron.

I think the last three books I could still read over and over and over and over and not get annoyed that I know the whole story because I always find something different with them. Hell, even though I’ve been reading the first four since I was about twelve, I still find something new with those.

I cannot stress enough to read all of these books.

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