Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me–Her Friends

Whomp whomp.

I thought this book would be so funny and full of real big lies that she’s told each of them. (Sounds about right, right? What you would suspect was [and IS] on the dust jacket.)

Unfortunately, most of this was just them sticking their head up her butt and giving a big smooch.

Yes, I get that Chelsea has saved them all from a life of destitute depression as comics and real estate agents. But the one thing Chelsea loves more than her friends is messing with her friends! This girl has a black belt in lying! We know all this from her previous books where she tells you all the lies she can remember. And when she gets caught in the lies she forgets and gets herself out of them by making up more elaborate lies!

I just wish that there was less touchy feely stuff and more hard ass stuff. Save your ass kissing for the acknowledgements.

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