SIWIHS: Can’t We Stop Fighting?

Welcome to our newest edition of Shit I Wrote in High School. Lovingly named: Can’t We Stop Fighting? Yes. It’s another poem by 15 year old Alli. Again, you’re welcome.

“Can’t we just stop?

Stop this crazy sharade?

It’s gotten so ugly.

I can’t take it much more.

Our friendship is gone, its

gone down the toilet.

Why did you even bother to

purposely spoil it?

You know I wanna stop,

Stop fighting like this.

My life needs to be more,

I’m just gonna snap!

I can’t take much longer,

All this stupid fighting crap!

I can’t hold up this fight,

This battle is over,

Just put down the knife.”

Let’s talk about this for a minute, shall we? I wrote it out exactly as I had in the notebook I found, minus the fact that it was actually written haphazardly with a calligraphy pen. Yes. You read that right. A calligraphy pen. I thought I was bloody Shakespeare. Poor misunderstood precious-hearted little me. Besides the grammar that needed help (and probably still does) and the fact that I spelled ‘charade’ wrong, the thing that tickles me the most is that this poem not only badly rhymes, but I used the word ‘toilet’. And rhymed it with ‘spoil it’. Nailed it little duck, you nailed it.

It’s pretty obvious why I no longer invest my time in writing poems.

I love this so much I can’t even deal with it.

Send me your crappy writing (also loved that I used the word ‘crap’ in this.) at so I’m not alone in this humiliating amazingness.

Constant vigilance.

4 thoughts on “SIWIHS: Can’t We Stop Fighting?

  1. Lol I laughed out loud when I read toilet/spoil it, now I have to go look up the poetry I wrote in high school.

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