A Year of Pleasures–Elizabeth Berg

I literally bought this book because it has pie on the cover. That was 100% the reason.

And thankfully, pie did not disappoint.

This book is about a widow (common theme with my books these days) who is literally looking for simple pleasures in life in order to move forward from her husbands death.

With the help of the neighbour kid next door who helps around her house and her past friends who show up even though she hasn’t spoken to them in years, Betta gets through it.

This was a beautifully executed book. We could’ve been tripping over crippling sadness the entire time, and don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of talk of the dead husband, but you get to read and witness someone coming back to life and that’s such a beautiful thing to experience through writing because you don’t just SEE it happen, you get to awaken with their words as they talk in their mind as well.

I liked it, and I would read another by this author.


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