You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again–Heather McDonald

This book gave me a migraine. I literally could not put it down, I devoured it in a day it was so funny! The only reason it gave me a headache was because I didn’t leave my bed all day and read it cover to cover and apparently reading a book for that long is bad for you. Who knew?

     I’m gonna shorten the title to Blue Ball for now while I talk about it.

Blue Ball is the real life adventures of the comedienne Heather McDonald as she tries to find someone she can stand long enough to consider giving up her virginity to them. She mastered the art of blue balling guys while she went on her way and didn’t find someone for awhile.

          27. 27 is the age she lost her virginity at because that was when she found a guy who cared about her for her and didn’t treat her like she had the plague because she was a virgin. Ok, so she didn’t tell him and he left her anyway because of good reasons. But the next guy she went out with turned out to be the love of her life.

          Blue Ball is a hiiiilarious book and makes me feel better about my life. It’s good to know there are other people out there with the similar “affliction” as me. And just like me she was just waiting for someone who liked her for her and didn’t see her as a conquest of some sort.

   Kind of sucks that she had to wait 27 years to find a decent dude. But whatever.

Read it! It is a funny book.

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