The Calling–Kelley Armstrong

Okay, so I’ve already reviewed this one before, but I had to read it again since The Gathering came out and I never got around to reading it since I’m a super freak and have too many books calling my name. No pun intended.

I’m glad that I read this one again because I completely forgot all of this until I was reading it. (That says nothing about Kelley’s writing since I’m a huge fan and remember most of her series, but these ones went by so quickly and I have a million other books I’ve read in between that it got lost in the shuffle.)

Maya is a skinwalker, her loverboy Rafe is also a skinwalker, her best friend is benendanti (as far as I can tell he hits people with power balls). There is a giant forest fire making the entire town of Salmon Creek have to evacuate.

Helicopter escape. End of story.

Seriously, that’s how the book ended, they left on a helicopter. So you can understand my super need for getting my hands on The Gathering.

Whoot whoot! Can’t wait! I love me some Kelley Armstrong.

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