Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong

Naturally I snatched this book up once I was finished with Exit Strategy. I kind of wish that I waited because now I have nothing to look forward to.

Oh waaaaaait, Mrs. Armstrong has a new book coming out April 2nd. ‘The Calling’! Yay! *insert chaotic cheering*

Anyway, Nadia Stafford is back and more confused as ever as she  had a new lover boy-ish seeking her attention (a hitman/Federal agent named Quinn. Uh, hello, total fox alert.) and her mentor is a little broken and bustling around her while they try to figure out their feelings for each other. (Yeah, try to tell me they aren’t going to bone in the next book. Okay, maybe not so vulgarly put as that, but I bet twenty bucks they kiss!)

In this book Nadia is trying to solve a local murder in her little Canadian backwaters town somewhere near Peterborough (Can you say ‘Viva la Canadienne …writers…how do you say writers in French? Guess that semester abroad in France was wasted on me. Haha.)

The lucky victim of this sinister fiasco is none other than Sammy, her housekeeper at the inn who just had a baby. Destiny (the baby) is MIA and Sammy is a little too gone for Nadia’s liking. No one is even looking for the troubled teen so Nadia steps in and figures out the nefarious plot that is running amok in our sweet Ontario town.

Read this book, it was pretty damn good.

Constant vigilance.

(Sidenote: My apologies for the craziness of this post, I’m currently reading a mystery and I think I’m turning myself into a 1940s detective. I need to stop reading mysteries before someone finds me wearing a trench coat and walking around with a cigar.)

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