What the Night Knows–Dean Koontz

You know how this book was freaking my freak? Well. It got worse. By the end of it I was practically demented with fear. (I should really stop reading after 9 pm.) It’s about a guy who is a copper, and 20 years ago he killed a man because he had murdered and raped his family. Now, the murderers ghost is back.

And if there is one thing I don’t like: It’s ghosts. If you can’t see or touch your enemy, how the hell are you suppose to kill it?

If I’ve learned anything from the Winchesters, it’s to find their bones and burn them. Burn them straight to Hell! Send them and their meat suits packing. Okay, so ghosts don’t have meat suits, but you get what I’m saying. Jerk. Bitch.

Anyway, Supernatural nerd will shut up about that.

This book got bad reviews from other people, and maybe that’s because they’ve read more of his stuff, I’ve only read a few and usually during peak chickenitis season.

He’s a great writer and I really liked this book, even if I was pretty much wetting myself the whole time and acting like Gollum talking to himself. (“I’m not listening. I’m not listening.”—in case you wanted the visual haha)

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