Rose Harbor In Bloom–Debbie Macomber

As if I’m posting my summer reads still. What a lazy dink I can be! haha Ah whatever.

My summer reads are usually dumb dumb books with zero substantial plot, characters, and don’t need much in the way of concentration or brain power to get through.

This was all of those things.

Obviously a romance novel, it was about a woman who lost her husband and opened up a B and B. And it went just as you would expect. Lovely, romance, people denying feelings, a little mystery in there, and overall a running of a B and B while getting over the heartache of a death.

Debbie Macomber isn’t my go-to romance writer, but she’s decent enough that I’ve gone around a couple of times in her made up worlds.

This was another book from the 26 BooksWithBringingUpBurns challenge. #9: A Book With a Colour in the Title.

I obviously didn’t read all the books in order since that was impossible.

Constant vigilance…I guess I’m not being very constant, consistent, OR vigilant these days.

My bad.



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