The Lucky One–Nicholas Sparks

Three words: Zac. Efrons. Butt.

 That’s all I think about when I think of The Lucky One. (and we are, aren’t we?) What an ASS that guy has. I wish my butt were nearly as sexy as that. He must do squats or something…I think those Sleeping Beauty books have changed me.

 After reading a supremely dirty book I thought it would be good to wash out the filthy and toss in some “pure” love.

Now, I rolled my eyes a lot during the movie. The girl (although I love her in other stuff) was a serious over reactor and kind of an over-actor. I thought it was weird that she was older than him and fooling around with that guy, although I don’t blame her one bit, I mean, can I talk about Zac Efrons ass enough??? I don’t think so.

 All right, fine, I’ll talk about the storyline.

 Guy is in army, guy finds picture of perdy lady, nearly dies, picture acts as good luck charm, guy decides after he goes on leave to look for said girl in picture.

She hates him. He likes her. She finds out he’s not a d-bag. She loves him. They hump. The kid is funny. Someone dies at the end.

 Classic Nicholas Sparks. However, at the end of the book I was convinced that my boyfriend had died instead of who dies at the end of the movie, so that old switcheroo had me in a state for a bit.

 Good ol’ Nicky Sparkle is a good writer and scared me half to death. Talent. Pure talent.

 Good book, give her a read.

 Constant vigilance!

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