Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris

Hunky writer Robin Crusoe is back. He wrote about his adventures with Aurora in the first book and they are now being made into a movie. The problem is…the lead actress who was going to play Aurora’s character was bludgeoned to death with an Emmy.

  Aurora and Robin reunite in order to figure out whodunit.

  After a traumatic year the last thing Aurora needs is another guy after her, Arthur Smith hasn’t let up, and she really can’t take it anymore. Forget Southern hospitality, she’s just plain rude to him at this point.

 Which is nice and about time.

       This one got a little dirty, I won’t lie to you, I nearly peed my pants laughing when I got to it and I hysterically laughed for ten minutes. The rest was not as chuckle inducing, but it was a good read and I liked the ending.

 She introduces some extra characters that I’m sure will be in the next book and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

 On to Poppy Done to Death! (Last one and I’ll be heartbroken…)

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